JunOS ZTP with Windows DHCP Server (SLAX-Method)

Recently I’m working on some SLAX-Scripting due to a Customer-Project.
I really start to like SLAX, since it can gather a lot of your Switches Data on the Device itself.

I am writing a quick How-to for using SLAX to automate your ZTP with the Windows DHCP-Server.
Most Customers use Linux DHCP-Server since you can specify Options and “Configs” for every IP / Device.
With the SLAX-Method you no longer need to configure your DHCP-Server once a new Device comes up – you just have to provide the config and that’s it – highly dynamic, highly hardened, highly customizable – stay tuned for more Infos.

Whoa – the J-Net Forum

Yesterday at 1AM I had the shock of my life – my Account from J-Net (forums.juniper.net) stopped working.
I was welcomed with the Message “Please pick a Username” – when I picked my Username (CHS-929) the System told me “already taken”.
Seems that according to this Forums Post(http://forums.juniper.net/t5/Community-Feedback-and-Direction/Why-i-m-cannot-login-using-my-old-username/td-p/304260) everyone had the Problem – I guess the System somehow had a Problem with the assignment from the Juniper Account to the Forum Account in Single-Sign-On – Cisco? Was that you? πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

What a relief – I thought I got hacked… Anyways – I will change my Password just to make sure πŸ˜‰