Most folks ask me this:
Is it easier to tell me what you are certified in or is it easier to tell me the ones you are still missing? 😉

Well – about that…
Currently, I’m certified as JNCIE-SEC, JNCIP-SP, JNCIS-MistAI, JNCIP-ENT, JNCDS-[DC/SEC/SP], JNCIP-DC, and JNCIS-DevOps. That means I’m “only” missing 3 out of 4 BIG ones: JNCIE-[ENT/DC/SP] – that’s it 🙂

Also, since I can remember, I’m part of the Juniper CHampions Program and always leveled up to the highest Tier (Ingenious / Legendary).

In 2018 I became the first ever Juniper Ambassador from Germany 🙂 🙂 🙂

My next Goal is the JNCIE-ENT and after that the JNCIE-DC.
If you like to connect to learn together – just reach out to me.

Neat Badge-Collection, right? But please don’t think this was easy.
Printed here are 12 Years of total dedication and passion for my Job.
It was a hell of a ride – but boy was it fun.
And I’m just getting started…

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You’ll notice, that  Networking is not a Job for me – It’s my Hobby and a very important part of my life!
I have chosen multiple Certification-Paths from various Vendors to get a complete understanding of all the Products and to continuously improve myself in order to find the best solutions for my customers 🙂