Running vQFX 15.1X53-D63 on EVE (KVM)

The KVM version of the latest vQFX routing engine VM (vqfx10k-re-15_X53-D63) seems to be broken. If you try to run it, it will crash with a kernel9 panic and will never boot up completely.
However you can “cheat your way around this”:

1.) Simply download the Vagrant .box file of the D63 RE.
2.) Extract the .box File with 7zip – you will extract a file with no extension.
3.) Extract this file again and “magically” a file called packer-virtualbox-ovf-1491593710-disk001.vmdk will appear.
4.) Upload this to eve, convert it to hda.qcow2, fix permissions and run it – voila: D63 on EVE.


PFE is the same (no D63 Version available, since the PFE is not tied to a Software Version).

It’s always a good idea to dig around the provided Files from Juniper once something breaks 😉

Download the Files here:

EX2200-C and JunOS 15.1R6.7

Today I installed the 15.1R6.7 on my EX2200-C at home – this Release fixed one of the most annoying Bugs –> The Temp-Sensors are now “seen” again and the red-alert is gone.

By setting GEPHY1 to 0 degrees C the Alarm has no intention to cry – and finally my Juniper-Rack is green again – thanks Juniper 🙂

In the next days I will lab some more with this release – I expect it to be “recommended” ASAP by Juniper because 99% of our Customers didn’t move from 12 to 15 due to this nasty optical bug. Of course there are also some problems with dot1x in 15.1R5 but that’s a different story 😉