An era has ended and another era starts – taking my Juniper-Career to the next Level

Maybe some of you already heared it – Beginning tomorrow (1st of February 2018) I will no longer be working for Dimension Data.
In the recent years the Juniper-Projects were getting few and so I decided to take my career to the next level by moving to Telonic.
I’m very excited to get the opportunity to work at a “Juniper-Focused” Company and getting the Opportunity to work even closer with Juniper and Juniper-Focused colleagues. The first big step to achieve this is to finally get the JNCIE-SEC, which due to lost time I couldn’t complete when working at DiData. Thank you DiData for all the good years and “see you soon” – the IT-World is a small Village 🙂

Disable IPv6 Router-Advertisements on Windows Server 2012 / 2016

Lately I did a huge amount of IPv6-Setups and I noticed something in the vCenter: All the Boxes with static IP’s still had 2 IPv6-Adresses (one static and one per RA-Feature).

Since I didn’t want them to use the address that they got from the RA and disabling RA at the Router was not an option I googled a bit and found this:

Tadaa – only my static IP is left 😉
Maybe this does not impact anything – but still it feels wrong to me that a static IPv6 Host gains a second address from the same subnet…

Maybe this will help you on your way to IPv6 – if so please leave a comment

On Linux you would simply put this into your /etc/sysconfig/network (for RHEL/CentOS):