JNCIE-SEC Beta Exam is out

Recently Juniper announced the new and shiny JNCIE-SEC Beta exam (JPR-933).
That must hurt all my fellow haters who constantly insisted, that Junipers SEC-Track is dead – well – beat it, guys! πŸ˜‰



Beta exams for the new JNCIE-SEC Lab Exam (JPR-933) will be available soon!
Testing will be offered during certain JNCP Lab Exam events in December and January.


This does however also mean, that if you have already studied with the old inetzero books and materials, you need to be aware of the changes. The biggest change, in my opinion, is the addition of JunOS Space Security Director and SDSN / SkyATP. Not sure, what will be exactly in this exam, however, this sounds like a lot of new sub-topics that you need to be aware of. My guess is, that the Bootcamp and the inetzero workbooks will be updated soon.

Software Release:

  • vSRX Services Gateway: 18.2 –> NIIIIICE πŸ˜€
  • vQFX Ethernet Switch: 17.4
  • Junos Space Security Director: 18.2

I’m very very happy that the new SEC-E will use the full virtual possibilities of vSRX and vQFXΒ – my guess is, that this will be a fully virtual Lab – no Hardware needed. This is also very interesting for me because I already did the last one fully virtual during my preparation – after all my Nickname is Mr. vSRX πŸ˜‰

Juniper NXTWORK EMEA 2018 – just couple of days away

Of course, you already noticed, that the NXTWORK EMEA is just a few days away and I haven’t blogged very much lately. Mostly because of a very very big Project for us at Telonic – but there’s light at the End of the Tunnel πŸ˜‰

Fair Warning: I will blog the shit out of NXTWORK and Twitter will need a couple of extra Servers just for my Tweets – it will be like you are there with me πŸ˜›

Stay tuned.