5-Year Juniper Champion

Just realized, that I started to participate in the Champions-Program back in 2015 which makes this year already Special 🙂

Remember to check your status from time to time at https://jpartnertraining.juniper.net/ and refresh your knowledge there. I Manly use the J-Partner-Training to learn new Stuff and for the introduction of new License-Models and other Partner important Topics.

The second benefit is that as Champion you are entitled to Vouchers, that you can claim as a reward every year. On top of that, the Juniper folks also give you access to an O’Reilly Juniper Book (PDF-download) of your choice. I now have 5, because this is also recurring every year along with the Vouchers. This is a great opportunity for partners to certify the employees (at least 2 attempts per participating candidate if they are Ingenious Champions) if they cannot attend a Session where certification is free. Spread the word if you don’t know about this.

Also, your Company gets a nice Banner for the Website:

What are you waiting for? Get (or renew) your Champion Status now

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