EX2200-C Recommended JunOS (15.1R5) broken – Temperature-Sensor-Crisis…

Just updated 30 Switches (EX2200-C) to the new recommended OS (15.1R5). Every Switch – and I mean EVERY one shows “broken” temperature-Sensors after the new Version comes up.

christianscholz@OEK-EX2200C-01> show chassis environment  
Class Item                           Status     Measurement
Power FPC 0 Power Supply 0           OK        
Temp  FPC 0 GEPHY1                   Failed    
      FPC 0 GEPHY2                   Failed

A downgrade to 15.1R4 solved this – however what the f happened there?
Juniper moved from the 12-Tree to the 15-Tree (recommended) and didn’t notice this bug so far…

Will investigate more into this.


EDIT 04.06.2017: Juniper released 15.1R6.7 for the EX2200-C – this somehow “fixed” the Issue (is set my Temp-Sensor to 0-degree making my Alarm go away)

1 thought on “EX2200-C Recommended JunOS (15.1R5) broken – Temperature-Sensor-Crisis…

  1. John

    Also dot1x has a Problem on the EX3300 in 15.1…
    We tried to roll it out on one of our campus-sites and failed because the switch places all members into the fallback vlan – regardless what is configured 🙁


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