EX3300 Q-in-Q implementation

Today one of my Customers asked me to implement Q-in-Q on 2 EX3300-Switches.
Since more and more people asked me on the Forum how I did that, I decided to make this an Article.
Most of the J-Docs only mention parts of this config – so here you have a fully working Q-in-Q config for non-ELS.
If you are interested, I can share Q-in-Q also for ELS.

The Setup is as follows:
2 EX3300 (Q-in-Q Switches)
1 EX3300 (Transfer-Switch)
1 EX3300 and 1 EX2200 (Client-Switches)

Topology (click to enlarge):

So at first in configured Q-in-Q (of course if this is productive you need to install a license):

In the next step, I configured the Transit-Switch. This Switch must not be aware of any Q-in-Q or Customer VLAN’s at all:

After the Setup was completed, I tested it by adding 2 Switches as “Client-Devices” pinging each other in vlan 10:

Hopefully this will help some of you in configuring Q-in-Q on EX3300 (non-ELS). If you have any Questions or Remarks feel free to comment on this Article. The Switches I used all used JunOS 12.3R12.4


This Article is now also officially listed in Junipers TechWiki (http://forums.juniper.net/t5/Switching/How-To-Configuring-Q-in-Q-Between-Two-EX3300-Devices/tac-p/304182#M32) 🙂

4 thoughts on “EX3300 Q-in-Q implementation

  1. L!80r

    Hi, can you share config example Q-in-Q also for ELS with layer 2 protocol tunneling?


  2. passage

    Hi, do you have any feasible QinQ example for ELS switch.
    I am struggling with QinQ.


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