Firefly Perimeter – OSPF over GRE over IPsec

After attending the JNCIE-SEC bootcamp last week, I saw that one topic was barely mentioned: The way of running OSPF over GRE over IPsec. Since this setup is barely used (because of various reasons) I thought, that this is post-worthy – so here you have a working config (running on Firefly 12.1X47-D35.2



Config for Firefly-A:


Config for Firefly-B:

Hope, that this helps you if you ever have to do this or need to learn this…
Remember – this is just a sample – please use stringer ciphers if possible 😉

The JNCIE-Exam is getting closer and closer…

3 thoughts on “Firefly Perimeter – OSPF over GRE over IPsec

  1. Khiz

    Can you please,elaborate which interfaces have ips 172.16.19.x which are mentioned in vpn configs


    1. christianscholz Post author

      You mean 172.16.16.x?
      Depends – the first usable subnet (/30) is the st0-Interface and the next usable is the gre-Interface.


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