How to deploy vMX with multiple RE’s and multiple FPC’s in EVE-NG (KVM)

As promised (little late but better late than never) I wanted to show you guys an amazing thing, that I recently saw myself at Twitter:
Deploying the vMX with Dual-RE and multiple Linecards (PFE’s) – awesome, right?

For this Setup I followed but made slight modifications (added metadata files for each Device) so that both RE’s and all PFE’s would come up correct – it’s obviously not enough to just deploy multiple VM’s 😉


Inside your decompressed vMX-Bundle Folder you will find the following files (example for v18.1, click to enlarge):


Create folders for VCP-RE0 and VCP-RE1 and also for FPC-0 up to FPC-11 (I personally tried up to 5 due to lack of CPU)  and copy the files (see below example) into the right folders for every fpc and vcp:


Don’t forget to fix EVE’s permissions after you have created :
/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions


When adding nodes to your topology you need to select “RE-0″, RE-1” and your PFE’s – do not add RE0 or PFE0 multiple times – this will not work – for each chassis you can deploy the appropriate VM’s. Connect them through interface “int” – with a bridge this is done quite easy.

Power up and down as many fpc’s as you need – they will now come up with the correct fpc-slot-no and will no longer interfere each other as compared to deploying just fpc0’s which will obviously not work:

By default RE0 will be Master and RE1 will be backup – but like the real MX you can change this via config and request them to failover and so on. Also “commit synchronize” is your friend 😉




Enjoy your “Powerhorse vMX” 😉

12 thoughts on “How to deploy vMX with multiple RE’s and multiple FPC’s in EVE-NG (KVM)

  1. Harinder

    Hey chris,
    I’m trying to setup a lab in which I’m using two vxm’s with dual RE’s and Dual FPC’s on each . I’m not able to ping one router to another. Can you help me on this .

    1. christianscholz Post author


      sure I can help you with that – can you send me your Setup and configs via chs[at]ip4[dot]de?


  2. Harinder

    Anyway thanks, i found what was the issue.
    how to use service pic’s in vmx17.1 ?

  3. sam

    when i login into Juniper site i found multiple image for downloading ( ESXi , KVM , limited , Nested ) and nothing match the eve site ,so which one do you recommended ?

    1. christianscholz Post author

      You can use the KVM (qcow2) or the ESXi (and convert them) – both ways work fine

  4. sioduy

    hi chris
    i am trying setup vmx with dual RE (RE0 & RE1) and dual PFE (PFE0 & PFE1) i already follow your instruction create each directory RE0 & RE1 run fine, but not with VFP fpc0 & fpc1 not work. after i check pfe0 & pfe1 have same IP address

    1. christianscholz Post author

      Did you use the files from the Juniper package? Every FPC (pfe) has a different image

  5. JustAskin

    Any way to get more than 8 FPC’s running? Past 8 they don’t seem to register correctly, and also tend to crash the RE when you try to reset/query/etc FPC8 and up.

  6. Ameen

    For me even a single VCP/VFP is failing. They boot up (After taking ages, even when giving them good resources (16gb ram, 8vcpus) .. but after all that time # show chassis fpc says that slot 0 is unresponsive. Thoughts?

    1. christianscholz Post author

      I will try to setup the vMX in a similar environment as you described to check if this error is related to the images or the Hypervisor.
      The Devices run fine on both my Boxes (ESX and Bare-Metal).


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