I achieved a part of my all-time-goal and got all written Juniper Certifications :)

I’m REALLY REALLY excited to share some news with all of you – those of you who will be in Madrid this July for the TechSummit 2023: Prepare to party 😀

With the EoL of both the JNCIP-Cloud and the JNCIE-Cloud, I can officially announce that after working tirelessly for the past 12 years I now hold each JNCIA, each JNCIS, and each JNCIP that is currently available 🙂

And you know what? I didn’t even realize this was happening until I tried to register for my last missing P (JNCIP-CLOUD) for the TechSummit this year and “failed” to register due to the EoL-Announcement which I completely missed…

But don’t worry – I still have a LOT to study for (and panic in the exam room) and I will hopefully still meet some of you at the certification booth in Madrid this year. Just because I can’t sit in a written exam anymore doesn’t mean I can’t wish everyone going for an exam all the best in-person 🙂 And trust me: If I can do it – YOU CAN DO THIS 🙂

With both Cloud P and E gone, “all that’s left” (Yeah – I said it out loud…) for me is the
JNCIE in ENT, DC, and SP – so prepare Exams, because I’M COMING FOR YOU!

It will be a lot of hard work, will require my full attention (after all it’s the Masterclass of Exams), and will cost me even more grey hairs + also a lot of sleep. However, if you ask me it’s totally worth it (anyone who ever took an E-Exam will know what I mean). The path towards an E-Level-Exam is filled with so much knowledge and so many new things to learn, how can anyone not enjoy this? 🙂

HUGE HUGE shoutouts go out to 2 very important people in my career that always helped me and whom I could always ask for advice during my Juniper certification journey: Staci and Adam
I literally cannot thank you both enough for always supporting me and always guiding me and the community 🙂 You folks are special and you are the reason that I stand here today and I will never forget that!
Additionally, I want to thank the Team at Axians Networks & Solutions for creating an environment that allows me and all of my wonderful colleagues to shine and work on so many awesome projects!

Since I cannot register for an Exam anymore, I have a Voucher to give away 🙂
It’s valid for any written Exam (A, S, or P-Level) and is valid until 2024. I don’t like the idea of first come first serve so this giveaway will be a bit different: DM me on Mastodon, or Twitter (yes, I opened my DM’s there), or write me a Mail and tell me, what exam you want to try and why. You don’t need to send me an essay but maybe more than just “give voucherz pleaz” 😀
The giveaway is open until July 11th and I will reach out to the winner on July 12th – maybe I can even deliver this voucher in Madrid if you are there 🙂

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