IPsec Site-to-Site Tunnel between SRX100 and PfSense (Policy-Based VPN)


Today (with the help of my friend and skillful netadmin Malte) we finally figured out how to bring up an IPsec Site-to-Site Policy-based VPN with multiple phase2-entries behind the PfSense and a single subnet behind the SRX100.

For this to work with a Policy-Based VPN (since PfSense can’t do route-based VPN) you need to create a policy for each combination of the subnets so that juniper can generate the correct proxy-id’s. If you miss one, you end up with an error like:


Here’s the config from the J-Point of view:

Took us some time to figure out why we still had some problems but in the end we found the culprit:

Seems to me, that PfSense and Juniper don’t play very nice when PFS is enabled.
After deleting the PFS-Group all 3 subnets went up and traffic was able to flow.

Hopefully┬áthis short article can save you some pain in the ass ­čśë

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