Keeping the Network Up and Running During the COVID-19 Era (A Virtual Panel with Networking Experts)

Last week I blogged about the virtual Roundtable that we had to discuss our work in the Corona Era.

I promised you to share this exciting talk – huge shoutouts to the Team and to Mike for hosting us – this was one of the best sessions we did so far and I enjoyed it a lot 🙂 Below you find the description and the Video:

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting unprecedented strain on not only our way of living but our networks as well. Juniper Networks’ CMO, Mike Marcellin, and networking experts from several Juniper customers and partners recently met to discuss what they’re experiencing on the front lines of IT and share advice as we navigate the path forward. For more advice and discussions with our IT community, please visit Real Talk: The Network Matters, a forum dedicated to sharing advice, strategies and workarounds that everyone can use:…

And a big thank you to our panel of experts:
Andrew Alston, Group Head of IP Strategy, Liquid Telecommunications
Paul Clarke, Customer Solutions Architect, Fujitsu
Tom Dwyer, Principal Engineer, Nexus
Stefan Fouant, CTO, ShortestPathFirst
Chris Parker, Senior Network Engineer, Nominet
Nick Ryce, Senior Network Architect, Commsworld
Christian Scholz, Senior Consultant Network & Security, Telonic

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