The vEX (EX9214 virtual) is finally out!

As some of you have noticed, we got a little something:
That’s right – it’s the new vEX that I already mentioned due to some rumors floating around in my last Webinar is finally out 🙂

It’s available for download now if you have a Juniper Account. Sadly, the image seems to have some issues and unfortunately, no one was reachable yet to discuss these issues from the Juniper side. If you are a Juniper dev for the vEX and like what we do with the EVE-NG Team then please reach out to me directly!
The Version is already fully supported in EVE-NG but there are still a lot of questionmarks left when it comes to the implementation and the configuration.

Hopefully, next time early access is granted to the folks doing extensive testing for virtual solutions (WINK WINK) to be able to solve the first questions BEFORE the image is released – this would have solved some confusion for sure 😉

Anyways – Let’s hope the vEX delivers what was promised (fully integrated into MIST including Campus-Fabric) so that we can finally have a virtual MIST Lab 🙂 I keep you posted once I’ve tested this image extensively myself.

Update 2023-04-25:
Juniper’s vEX (vjunos-switch) dev reached out to me so we can work on the remaining questions 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Update 2023-04-26:
Here is the official “unofficial” Template:
HUGE Shoutouts to everybody who helped to get this up and running during the last few days!
Tippin my Fedora for you 🙂

9 thoughts on “The vEX (EX9214 virtual) is finally out!

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  2. Art Stine

    “It’s available for download now if you have a Juniper Account.”

    FWIW, you don’t need a Juniper Account to download anything for the vJunos Labs products – we made it freely downloadable by anyone.

    Also – I’m the DE leading the vJunos Labs products, so if ya have any questions and suggestions, hit me up.


    1. christianscholz Post author

      Hi Art,

      I dropped you a Mail 🙂
      Thank you so so so much for reaching out 🙂

  3. Daniel

    I always get:

    mount /dev/vda1 /boot
    [ 73.711972] FAT-fs (vda1): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck

    I have downloaded it twice and always get the same error.
    Do you have this problem?

    1. christianscholz Post author

      Have you tried to run it on EVE-VM by any chance? I’ve only seen these problems on EVE in a VM (which is not supported).

  4. Affan

    Can you elaborate on why it’s not supported on EVE-NG on VM? I have EVE-NG running as VM on ESXi, and the vEX is stuck on this line:

    mount /dev/vda1 /boot
    [ 18.309263] FAT-fs (vda1): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.
    [ 80.511615] random: crng init done

    1. Samuil Totev

      I am currently having the exact same infrastructure set up and therefore the exact same problem.

      I would love it if you have any new information/update on the topic, that you could share!

      1. christianscholz Post author

        The vEX is only working on “Bare” EVE-NG – not on the nested ESX Version of EVE-NG

  5. Nikola

    Hello everyone,

    has anyone else encountered error when trying to configure DCI and under [routing-instances] stanza, mac-vrf instance, protocols evpn interconnect part of configuration, when trying to commit, EX spits out error “EVPN: Only encapsulation mpls allowed under interconnect config tenant3
    error: configuration check-out failed”
    and I’m trying to use VXLAN ?

    Thank you in advance


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