EVE-NG 4.0.1-15-Cluster released – All the Lab Graphs in the world

ICYMI – EVE-NG just released the latest version of the EVE-Cluster (4.0.1-15). This version brings some more nice gadgets to play with: Traffic-Graphs 🙂

4.0.1-15 brings graphs to your Lab environment

This is a convenient and interesting feature when dealing with all kinds of generated Traffic in and out of your Lab, between nodes, or between “helper-nodes” and your Lab. If you don’t want to fire up Wireshark to see if Traffic is really flowing, you can now easily use the graphs. This is currently a “Pro-Only” feature and another good reason to switch to EVE-NG Pro 🙂 As you can see, the Team is constantly evolving the software more and more – and every time you think that this is the perfect release – the Team surprises us again 🙂 As always – great Job / Tippin my Fedora 😉

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