Slides from EVE-NG talk (19.10.2021)

As promised, I uploaded the slides for you all 🙂
Thanks again for joining my talk – you guys are awesome!
Special thanks to Uldis for joining the Talk and help make the world a better (eve-ng) place 🙂

As promised, there will be a 3-part-series in January covering the Installation of EVE-NG live.
That’s right – you will have to look at my face through a webcam like I’m some sort of animal 😉
I purchased a new Server for this to show you live how to prepare a new (used) Server (DL360G7), install EVE, and upload images and stuff.
This session will be extremely interactive (almost like a live stream) and I hope you bring all your questions 🙂

4 thoughts on “Slides from EVE-NG talk (19.10.2021)

    1. christianscholz Post author

      It depends on what you want to achieve 🙂
      The bigger your Labs get and the more Power your nodes need, the more CPUs you need – I usually suggest having at least 6 Cores more than your nodes need to have a bit of Spare.


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