vSRX D100 (vSRX 15.1X49-D100) is out

Just tested the new vSRX D100 Version on EVE and ESX.
Compared to D90 it feels (tested on ESX and EVE) way slower but seems to run very good once booted up (tested IPsec, DHCP-Server, DHCP-Client, Policy, OSPF, BGP and Clustering).

The following Graphic shows the time in seconds that the SXR needed from (Amnesiac) Login to cli prompt:

In general the time is almost identical – however the D100 needed significantly longer for boot when compared to the D90.
While the D90 took around 2Minutes from “click on start” to “login prompt”, the D100 needed a whooping 8 Minutes and reacted very very slow afterwards. After a night “idle” it was as responsive as the D90. I’m reading myself through the CHangelog, however I could not find a valid reason for this behavior so far.


I will proceed to test the D100 and of course compare D90 with D100 for you to make a good choice for your Home-Labs đŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “vSRX D100 (vSRX 15.1X49-D100) is out

  1. Andrés

    Hello christian, im having problems with the vsrx15 D90, ive set it up on (Ubuntu > VMWARE > EVE), i assigned eve-ng 64GB of RAM and 16 Cores of CPU, and i dont know why, the vsrx15 is so slow!! takes like 10 mins to get up to the login prompt, and then just stay slow as f*ck. Have you been through this before?

  2. christianscholz Post author

    So you run Ubuntu as Host, on top of that ESX, on top of that EVE, and inside EVE the D90?

    If this is the case then wow – 10mins is like a Rocket! You have a VM inside a VM on top of KVM – that’s 3 nested layers –> way too much.
    I run ESX as Host and EVE (nested) inside ESX and in EVE the D90 and this is already waaay slower than running EVE on bare-Metal and D90 in Eve.
    10mins for this nested Setup is ok I guess – please remember, that every nested layer significantly lowers the performance.
    So I guess 10mins is really really fast – although I never tried to do double-nesting.


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