EVE-NG Pro 2.0.6-6 is out!

A couple of hours ago, EVE-NG Pro 2.0.6-6 was released introducing the new Dark-Mode.

In my opinion, this is great when labbing at night because your eyes don’t need to adjust between the flashy white background from eve-ng and the dark background of your ssh-Application.

I recently also tried out the Link-Suspension Feature and boy is this great 🙂
All the Juniper Gear I tested so far is working fine with the Link suspension, allowing you to test even more scenarios than before. I will also show you this shiny feature in Vegas at the #NXTWORK2019.

If you are there, make sure to check out our Masterclass 🙂
Can’t wait to meet you all – let’s talk about Tech or just about EVE.
And don’t worry – as far as I know, none of us has ever bitten a human – feel free to talk to us 🙂

Link-Suspend-Feature in Action (click image to view)

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