Juniper Summmit 2016 – The Disruptive Decade

I went to the Juniper Summit in Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday the 13th of April. It was really interesting seeing so many Juniper Employees and Partners and of course also the great Minds who shared many good Sessions with the Crowd. Also Juniper took the 20years and we all received various gifts and a 20Years Sticker – way to go Juniper!


The Juniper Power-Bank



POC – Pilot – Project :: Objectives and Difference

Customers sometimes ask me, what the Difference between a POC and a Pilot is. I found this nice Sheet (but had to modify it / tweak it since it did not reflect correctly in my Opinion)


Although a Pilot is very near the Production I personally would never purchase licenses before I checked, that the Pilot works flawlessly. I think one of the biggest Core-Differences is, that a Poc is on Vendor-near Hardware in the Lab and the Pilot is happening in your Live-Infrastructure with the final Vendor Hardware and Config.

My New Rack

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Some Hardware got virtualized, which is why my Lab is a little bit smaller now


And yes – there are some “evil” Cisco things in my Lab – but hey – every Lab needa a “dark side”, right? πŸ˜‰