IoT-Nerd on PacketPushers

Hooray! The latest Episode of PacketPushers might be something that some of you have been waiting for: I had the honor to talk with Christopher Young and Ethan Banks about “Home IoT at scale”. It’s always fun to talk with like-minded professionals about implementations, limitations, security aspects, and basically how to push the limit of sensors more and more!

IoT will be a critical part of our everyday life – IoT is already happening if you like it or not – there’s no running away from it. This brings new challenges like IPv6-Security (and yeah – for this, you finally get to learn IPv6 – GREAT, right?), Wireless Security, Sensor Security, and Software / Patch management – something that the average User never had to deal with. But without it, he/she’s basically giving away the house key to the front door. Vendors are constantly working to bridge the gap between security and comfort for the user – curious to see what the future brings 🙂

Here’s the Link:
If you have any questions – you know where to find me 🙂

Building a Juniper EVE-NG Lab-Environment for daily usage – Part 3/3 – Slides

Wow – what a way to end our 3-part-series – a live presentation from one of the EVE-NG gods himself: the mighty Uldis 🙂 If you missed this – you missed something!

As promised – here are the Slides from the last part of our series:

And of course the Video on YouTube (don’t forget to subscribe if you like the video – it helps a lot):

Huge shoutouts go to Uldis – the Insights and the help have been amazing – I cannot thank you enough 🙂
And of course the best host in the universe: Christine – I really enjoyed the sessions.

Hopefully, I was able to embrace your interest in EVE-NG – especially if you want to start labbing with Juniper starting at 0€/USD (well except the server / Laptop you need lol).

Building a Juniper EVE-NG Lab-Environment for daily usage – Part 2/3 – Slides

Thank you all so much for attending the 2nd of our 3-Part-Series Session 🙂
As mentioned I would love if you share your Labs in our Elevate Community:


And as always on my YouTube Channel (Remember to subscribe – cause subscribing makes you feel good) 😉

Building a Juniper EVE-NG Lab-Environment for daily usage – Part 1-3 – Slides

Hi all,
thank you SO MUCH for an awesome first Session 🙂

As Promised, here are the Slides from the Session:

The Video can be found on YouTube:

Looking forward to seeing you next week for Session 2 and the week after for Session 3 – if you have any questions (EVE, getting certified, general Juniper question), feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Shelly Failrates – Statistics from my SmartHome

Some of you also share the enthusiasm with me regarding Shelly – the others cannot be helped 😉
Here are some stats that I created – hope this helps some folks. If you need more specific info just reach out to me 🙂

The Plus-Series is not Part of the statistic since Allterco has to fix the Software first (Feature Parity with 1 PM, less power as promised, MQTT like the old shelly, because currently, they violate every best practice on the planet) before I install them – currently, the Plus Series is a (security) nightmare and I would strongly recommend installing the 1 PM instead of the 1 Plus PM. Hopefully, this will change in 2022 but in 2021 all possibilities to contact the dev team (mail, forums, tweets) did not work – either they really refuse to help outside of Facebook (which would be horrible for many reasons) or they refuse feedback and help at all…

Shelly 1 PM:
Installed Sensors until 12/2020: 217
Defective Sensors until 12/2021: 7
+ Device not responding anymore at all, 3 (2 of them after a power outage in our town)
+ Device is unable to save any settings, is in AP mode forever, 4 (1 of them after a power outage in our town )
Failrate: 3,23%

It just works and with just 7 Sensors to be replaced a year it’s perfectly fine for me. Now that the building phase in our town ended, I do not expect more outages and I also installed some UPS in the house 😉

Shelly 2.5 (Roller-Shutter-Mode):
Installed Sensors until 12/2020: 11
Defective Sensors until 12/2021: 5
+ Device not responding anymore at all, 1
+ Device is unable to save any settings, is in AP mode forever, 2
+ Device likes to randomly “play” with the shutter, making me shit my pants every time, 2
Failrate: 45,45%

The Shelly 2.5 is the worst Shelly of them all – janky, not really reliable, and hopefully soon replaced by the Pro Series – I cannot say anything positive currently – they are just a pain to work with, and once they finally run you better never touch them again 😛

Shelly H&T:
Installed Sensors (Battery) until 12/2020: 17
Installed Sensors (USB powered) until 12/2020: 3
Defective Sensors until 12/2021: 0
Battery drains 10% every 2 Months
Failrate: 0%

Is there anything more to say than Failrate 0%? I guess not 🙂 Excellent for statistics, reliable (even outdoors), and just fun to work with any gather statistics about Temp/Humidity everywhere.

Shelly Plug-S:
Installed Sensors until 12/2020: 15
Defective Sensors until 12/2021: 1
+ Device sounds like its working and switching the load, but does not (dead)
Failrate: 6,67%

Honestly: not bad. Wherever a 1 PM is not installed, you can quickly automate with the Plug-S.
Also just works and with 1 Device failing after 6 Months I’m fine with it.

Shelly RGBW2:
Installed Sensors until 12/2020: 3
Defective Sensors until 12/2021: 0
Failrate: 0%

Automating LED-Strips was never more fun 🙂
Let’s hope that Allterco releases a Device in 2022 that can handle single-addressed-LED-Stripes 🙂

Shelly Dimmer:
Installed Sensors until 12/2020: 2
Defective Sensors until 12/2021: 0
Failrate: 0%

Well – now that they don’t flicker anymore (patched Software Bug) they work really good 🙂

Shelly Door/Window 2:
Installed Sensors until 12/2020: 7
Defective Sensors until 12/2021: 1
Battery drains 25% per Month (Vibration and Tilt activated)
Failrate: 14,28%

The only drawback is the battery lifetime. Some suggested disabling tilt or vibration – but hey – why? I want this device for this very reason. So either create one with a bigger battery, optimize the code, or don’t release it at all – just my 2ct 😉

Overall, the Devices work very well, and besides some usual software hiccups that every Vendor has to deal with, I’m more than happy 🙂 Looking forward to getting my hands on the i4 and the PRO Series in 2022 (already pre-ordered) 😀

2022 Goals

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What are your goals for 2022? This year I’m a bit early with my planning but the early bird catches the JNCIE-ENT, right? 😉 Looking forward to hearing about your goals for next year – let’s motivate each other!

The JNCIE-ENT will be my primary goal in 2022 – no doubt about it. I’m really looking forward to this one because the topics cover 99% of my day job (+1 for ditching Multicast and putting EVPN in instead) and therefore the training also has a huge impact on my job as well. As you all know the JNCIE-Certification is the highest one you can achieve for a specific Track (SEC, ENT, DC, SP, and Cloud) and the exam is extremely close to real-world scenarios if not spot on! The exam is (unlike many competitor exams at this level) not there to ask you scenarios that would never happen just for the sake of asking them – the JNCIE checks if you can do a daily job (from design to implementation) and being able to troubleshoot issues. You have 6 hours (I still miss the 8h exam…) to complete it in front of a proctor – that makes this exam so special – you can feel the pressure. But that also makes it fun. But the best thing is the way towards the JNCIE: Interacting with others, countless lab nights, reading a gazillion of books and whitepapers – I just love it 🙂

The JNCIP-SP and JNCIP-Cloud are the remaining 2 professional certifications needed for me to get the “All-A, All-S, and All-P” status – meaning having ALL Associate, Specialist, and Professional certifications that Juniper currently has to offer 🙂 I would bet any sum, that we will also see a JNCIP-MistAI (and possibly even a JNCIE-MistAI) at some point – but I guess not before 2023 so I guess I’m “safe”. If not, Marvis took over the planet and created the exams itself 😀

With the AATP I have full access to all Courses, making the learning of new Topics WAY easier because I can simply sit in a course with the topic of my interest and get training from the best proctors out there without having to worry about increasing additional cost. You can find more Infos here:

But I’m curious: What are your 2022 goals? Any specific Tracks? Any new Technologies?
Let me know in the comments or on Twitter and share your goals with the world 🙂

JNCIE-ENT Study Group 2021/2022

Are you a JNCIP-ENT and want to conquer the JNCIE-ENT in 2022?
Maybe you already purchased the Self-Study-Bundle or already booked your exam but have no one to learn / lab with? Or maybe (just like myself) the JNCIE-ENT already kicked you in the face once, and you seek “revenge”? 😉

Search no more – Our time has finally come! 😀

My goal is to become a JNCIE-ENT in 2022 – and the best way to achieve this is to learn with others obviously. It’s WAAAAAY more fun and way more encouraging to learn with folks who share the same goal.
The Group is limited to 15 people, so be quick – this ensures that nobody gets lost on the way.
I’ve never done anything like this before so let’s do this together 🙂

Timezone-wise, most of us are near the GMT and usually lab in the evening hours, so we do not disturb the family life (8 PM to 11 PM)

I’ve already set up a Collaboration-System to exchange files, chat and interact with others, so you don’t need to worry about that. If required, I can also provide Lab-Access to an EVE-NG Server or even some hardware (to Lab VC, for example) if you cannot access any Lab at all.

I’m looking for folks who also actively want to become JNCIE-ENT in 2022 – regardless if you already scheduled the exam or not. What counts is that you don’t just want to idle or just grab some dumps – this is not what I can offer you.

But I can offer you this:
The idea is not only to interact with others via chat or exchange lab files but to make live sessions with others, where we either do sessions ourselves (if one of us knows what he is doing…) or invite other experts to help us on our path to becoming JNCIE-ENT.
But of course, you don’t have to participate in a “live lab” if you don’t want to (especially if you don’t wear any pants since this is a remote session). We can also just exchange Labs, ask questions, and help each other this way because everybody has a strong point and a weak point (mine is CoS – I just HATE it and satan himself created it just to make me suffer…)

Sounds good? Wanna join the Group?
Drop me a Mail or a Twitter DM, and I will send you an invitation link – that’s it 🙂
And don’t worry – we usually don’t bite 😉

This is your (and my) chance! LET’S DO THIS!!!!!

After just 2 days, the group is full!!! WOW – you guys rock 🙂

Slides from EVE-NG talk (19.10.2021)

As promised, I uploaded the slides for you all 🙂
Thanks again for joining my talk – you guys are awesome!
Special thanks to Uldis for joining the Talk and help make the world a better (eve-ng) place 🙂

As promised, there will be a 3-part-series in January covering the Installation of EVE-NG live.
That’s right – you will have to look at my face through a webcam like I’m some sort of animal 😉
I purchased a new Server for this to show you live how to prepare a new (used) Server (DL360G7), install EVE, and upload images and stuff.
This session will be extremely interactive (almost like a live stream) and I hope you bring all your questions 🙂